The Four Pillars of BPSD

Business Partners for Sustainable Development is built on Four Pillars:

  • Inclusion
  • Innovation
  • Influence
  • Impact


Facilitating partnerships that bring together all stakeholders and establish accountability, shared risk and mutually beneficial objectives.

Incubate meaningful and accountable collaboration and coordination with key partners from multiple sectors, locally and globally.

Demonstrate the imperative of business inclusion by promoting a shared-value approach to market-based transformative partnerships that deliver dramatic and sustainable results.


Idea incubators to engage in futuristic thinking, collaborative solutions and creative partnership strategies for implementation.

Position the Center as the leading voice for business, integrating the SDGs with creative solutions for consultation and integration in future strategic diplomacy and communication efforts on local, region, national and global scale.

Convene and facilitate at least three partnership incubation sessions in 2020 focusing on multiple SDGs, with each session producing a number of functioning actionable partnerships.


Thought leadership and digital resources to assess the role, benefits and impact of multi-sector engagement on achieving the SDGs.

Create a digital library of white papers, perr-reviewed articles, salient commentary, dialogues and workshops on relevant issues from community, urban, national and global areas.

Develop a Playbook for corporate diplomacy and SDGs, corporate communication integration in SDG programs and linkage with national policymaking efforts.

Link training, simulations and e-learnign for stakeholders and members leveraging the leadership of USCIB.


Tools for measuring, monitoring and evaluatin the impact of partnerships.

Engage in the design and development of measurement and monitoring strategies including innovative tools (checklists, scorecards, technology), media relations and policymaking.

Create official engagement into multisector diplomacy activities with expertise on process, outcomes and innovative evidence-based approaches.

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